• The T2

The T2 is the only predator call of this style in the industry. Based off of the Tenterfield style predator call.

Click here to hear this call.

The T2 features a solid non-moving ramp style whistle with a combined internal customizable closed reed. The T2 works on coyote, fox, and cat. Constructed from non-toxic PLA plastic. The T2 will not freeze or lock up. One of our seasoned professionals said, "I quit before the T2 did, it was just too cold."

The Tenterfield portion of the call produces a variation of high pitched distress sounds. It works by placing your tongue to back portion of the call. With your index finger and thumb acting as seals to each side of your mouth, blow air into the call. It is important that the part of the call with the larger hole be facing down towards your tongue, not the top of your mouth. The more air pressure creates louder and higher pitched distress sounds.

The T2 is very effective in Canada, the United States, Europe, and Australia.

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The T2

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