• The Reese canned 6pak

The Reese Canned Six Pack is a complete set of latex howlers and distress calls.

This set comes with 4 howler and 2 distress latex calls. The four howlers are a combination of various thickness of latex and stretches. With individuals having a different size palate and varying lung strength, we wanted to offer a variety pack that would serve everyone!

These howlers make every coyote vocalization there is. From pup distress to lone howls, you will find what you need in the Canned Six Pack!

This package also comes with two distress calls, The single slash does great fawn and cottontail distress. The double cut/snag is built for jackrabbit distress.

These calls are made from latex. If you are allergic to latex, do not use these. These are a chocking hazard to small children. Keep out of reach from small children!

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The Reese canned 6pak

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